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Junior Golf Academy


To provide a balance between on-going expert tuition, on course play, strength and conditioning and the social aspect of the game for our Junior Members to assist not only skill development but also their enjoyment of the game of golf.

Program Details

This program is for Junior Members from the age of 12 years to 21 years.

  • A competition for Junior Members on Sunday afternoons
  • Specialised monthly skills clinic run by our Professionals
  • Strength and conditioning sessions conducted monthly by a highly qualified coach who is currently working with Golf NSW and Golf Australia
  • Junior Membership will include two golf lessons and two strength and conditioning sessions per annum

  • Every Junior will receive a shirt and cap as part of their membership

  • Special sessions will be scheduled throughout the year and will cover topics such as the psychology of matchplay, rules, etiquette plus motivational talks from guest speakers

  • Annual event to raise funds for the program

  • Social events throughout the year both at the Club and externally

Please note

  • There are no additional costs involved over and above your membership subscription.
  • PGC has eliminated Entrance Fees for Junior members. Our current annual subscriptions for boys up to the age of 21 years is $670 and for girls $505.
  • We also have a very comprehensive Cadet Program aimed at children from 9 to 16 years which provides professional tuition and clinics every week.

For further information please contact:

For enquiries:
Email: office@pymblegolf.com.au
Telephone: (02) 9144 2884
Online: Membership Enquiries