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Pymble’s Cadet Program – Just for kids

Pymble Golf Club’s Cadet Program is arguably the best in the State with a structured program involving regular tuition from Golf Professionals only. The program covers all aspects of the game including rules and etiquette with time spent playing on the course.


We have three objectives for our clinics.

  • Teach the game of golf to our cadets.
  • Ensure they have as much fun as possible.
  • Ready them for membership of Pymble Golf Club

We not only use the course and its practice facilities but, to add variety, we sometimes go to different venues. At the end of each clinic the cadets are treated to hot chips and soft drinks. This gives them all a chance to sit, chat and get to know each other and form friendships.

Our main aim of the program is for our cadets to join the Club as Junior members.

For more information contact:
Email: office@pymble
Telephone: (02) 9144 2884
Online: Membership Enquiries